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Hebron Corporate Services Inc offering incorporation for companies in Barbados and Internationally as well as Human Resource Management

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Hebron provides expertise in Corporate Secretarial, Human Resource Management, Industrial Relations.

A local company operating globally
Formation of local and international Companies through incorporation

Incorporation provides protection of personal assets through limited liability

Incorporation projects a professional image
Incorporation establishes credibility with customers and suppliers
To join in the formation of a Company one must be 18 years of age or  
older, should be of sound mind

For more information on the incorporation of your business, interested persons should contact Mrs. Nicholls at Hebron Corporate Services Inc. or visit her office at No. 1 Violet House, Collymore Rock, St. Michael, Barbados.
Registration of Branches or subsidiaries categorized as External Companies

The Barbados Companies Act requires External Companies to file changes occurring in the parent company within 60 days of the change.  Failure to file in the required time will result in the Company having to apply to the Registrar of Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property for Revival of the Company
At Hebron we provide a smooth transition through the Revival process
Continuances in other jurisdictions
Provision of Registered Office

The Barbados Companies Act states that a Company must at all times have  a Registered Office in Barbados. Hebron provides the Registered Office where the Corporate Records are maintained. 
Assistance in the preparation for and attendance at Meetings of the Directors and Shareholders
Licensing of Companies and other entities
Preparation of Resolutions
International Tax Planning
Accounting services
Provision of Local Directors
Assistance with Work Permit applications

Domestic Companies
International Business Companies
Societies with Restricted Liability
-Organisation/Licensing/Maintenance/provision of Power of Attorney
External Company
-Registration/Licensing/Maintenance/provision of Power of Attorney
Exempt Insurance Company

The benefits of operation your business through a separate and distinct corporate entity are many. Through incorporation you may add additional regulatory and administrative responsibilities, these benefits can outweigh minor administrative burdens. Such benefits include:
Protection of personal assets through limited liability
Projection of professional image
Establishment of credibility with customers and suppliers
Easier transfer of business ownership and succession planning
Greater access to funding and expertise
Potential perpetual existence of the corporate entity and thus its business
Registration vs Incorporation
The Registration of Business Names Act Cap. 317 provides for the registration of a business.  This registration creates a register of businesses existing in the Island, and allows the sole proprietor to be included in the register.  However, it does not provide the business owner the comfort of knowing that his personal assets are protected from any liability incurred while executing the business function.  All liabilities incurred will remain with the owner or partnership.
The Incorporation of a Company, though an additional expense, creates a “legal personality” which is separate and distinct from the Company’s Shareholders and Directors.  The Companies Act Cap. S 17 states that the Company can sue and be sued.
To form or join in the formation of a Company, one must be 18 years of age or older, of sound mind and not bankrupt.
Corporate Name
The name chosen for the Company must include either of the following:
“Limited”, “Corporation”   or “Incorporated” or the abbreviated form.
Certificate of Incorporation
The issuance of the Certificate of Incorporation is proof of the Incorporation of the Company.
A word of caution, the Courts have been known to “lift “ the veil of incorporation and look through the Company to its ultimate owners and impose upon them the duty to meet the Company’s legal obligations when it has been in the best interest of justice to do so. Therefore total protection from liability is not always 100% guaranteed.


We provide a wide range of practical Human Resource Management & Industrial Relations Advisory services. We are knowledgeable about the labour legislation, Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations practices throughout the Caribbean region including Suriname and St. Maarten.
People being a company’s greatest asset is reality. We at Hebron are committed to Supplying qualified personnel and ensuring they are equipped with the requisite Skills.
Companies that do not have HR Departments we supply full-fledged HR services and
those who do have HR Departments we provide niche areas of Training, HR Audits,
Job Interviews, Strategic HR services and Labor Negotiations.
The range of Human Resource/Industrial Relations areas we offer (the list is not exhaustive) is:
HR Audits
Disciplinary matters
Expatriate assignments
HR Investigations

Job Descriptions
Job postings
Job Interviewing
Search & Selection
Labour Negotiations
Work permit matters
Employee Handbooks
Safety & Health
Labour Legislation orientation


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